These are some optional services to rent the Sailboat:

Boss Service

It wants to enjoy his vacations in a sailboat to worry about handling it or does not have permission to do it?
If he wishes it a specialized boss can contract in order that it takes the sailboat to him for the been convenient routes. Sail along maritime places with the only worry of admiring the landscape that him makes a detour and enjoyment of the maritime routes advised by an expert boss who will take charge taking it to good port.

This service has an incremental cost of 120 € per day.

Transport to approved port

The port bases of this sailboat it is that of San Carlos of the Rapita.
If he wishes it the service can contract of cojer the sailboat in another port that is not this, already be for the comfort of the nearness or because anela to know other distant places to the port bases and it does not want to lose the time in sailing up to where he wishes.

To be able the cost of this service consult in the section of contact, sending an e-mail to or telephonic route calling 661 532 335.